Product Features

Lastest ESP32 Version: REV1
4MB Flash
3D Antenna
Product Description
Working voltage: 1.8~3.7v
Acceptable current:10~14mA
Transmit current: 120mA@+20dBm
Operating frequency: 433/470MHz(433HMz version) /868M/915M(868MHz version)
Transmit power: +20dBm
Receive sensitivity :-139dBm@LoRa &62.5Khz&SF=12&146bps
-136dBm@LoRa &125Khz&SF=12&293bps
-118dBm@LoRa &125Khz&SF=6&9380bps
Frequency error:+/-15KHz
FIFO space :     64Byte
Data rate :1.2K~300Kbps@FSK
Modulation Mode :FSK,GFSK,MSK,GMSK,LoRa TM,OOK
Interface form : SPI
Sleep current :0.2uA@SLEEP
Operating temperature :-40℃- +85℃
Digital RSSI function
Automatic frequency correction
Automatic gain control
Low voltage detection and temperature sensor
Fast wake-up and frequency hopping
Highly configurable data packet handler
GPS modules NEO-6M, 3V-5V power supply Universal
Destined module with ceramic antenna, signal super
Save the configuration parameter data EEPROM Down
With data backup battery
There are LED signal indicator
Default Baud Rate: 9600
1A Battery Management
LED indicator: There are 4 LEDs show the battery status in real time.
Pre-Flash Firmware
-SoftRF V4.0

Product Upgrade Content

1. Pin GPIO34 pin is replaced with GPIO35
2. Replace the charging IC (TP5400) with the power management AXP192
3.GPS TX, RX pin replacement
4. Power on and remove, replace with button to open
5. Reduced sleep current
6.GPS battery replacement
7.Add reverse battery protection module

More information:

OLED Description:
1.Size:  0.96 inch
2.High resolution: 128 * 64
3.Color:  white
4.Viewing angle:  > 160 °
5.Driver IC:  SSD1306
6.Working temperature:  -30  celcius ~ 80  celcius
7.Module volume (generous):  27.0MM * 27.0MM * 4.1MM
8.Supports many control chip:  Fully compatible with Arduino, 51 series, MSP430        series,STM32/2, CSR chip, etc.  (a lot of routines for reference)
9.Wide voltage support: without any modification, directly supports 3.3V ~ 5V DC
10.Ultra-low power consumption: Normal operation Is 0.04W
11.IO port occupies minimal display: The IIC communication,as long as the two IO ports

Shipping List

433MHz/868MHz Version

1 X TTGO T-Beam ESP32
1 X  433MHz/868MHz Antenna      
1 X  0.96 inch 128X64  OLED
2 X  Pin

915MHz/923MHz Version

1 X TTGO T-Beam ESP32
1 X 915MHz/923MHz Antenna
1 X 0.96 inch 128X64 OLED
2 X Pin
Note:OLED is not soldered to T-BEAM

Where to buy:

ESP32 WiFi Bluetooth GPS Battery Holder With OLED (P)
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